Friday, October 11, 2013

Bathukamma songs 2013

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Telangana veeragaatha bathukamma paata

Paata padeti pillalu


akkamma Bathukamma paatalu 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.11 MB
Akkamma Bathukamma Paatalu 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.36 MB
Baala Naagamma 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.44 MB
Baala Naagamma 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.57 MB
Beerappa 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.76 MB
Beerappa 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.33 MB
Gollolla Adivamma 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.73 MB
Gollolla Adivamma 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.03 MB
aidhu mallepoolu 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.48 MB
aidhu mallepoolu 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.97 MB
Pedharaasi Pedhamma 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 29.02 MB
Pedharaasi Pedhamma 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.15 MB
raajanna bathukamma 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.60 MB
raajanna bathukamma 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 25.76 MB
sri sammakka saralamma.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.77 MB
sammakka - part 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 25.25 MB
sammakka - part 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 26.71 MB
sammakka - part 3.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 23.09 MB
sammakka - part 4.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 29.21 MB
Sri Mallanna 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 28.37 MB
Sri Mallanna 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.91 MB
DOWNLOAD|size: 11.82 MB
DOWNLOAD|size: 7.28 MB
OKKESI - 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 10.40 MB
DOWNLOAD|size: 7.01 MB
DOWNLOAD|size: 18.57 MB
Janaku Janakunintlo.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 14.93 MB
Kalavari Kodalu Uyyalo.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 10.26 MB
Kattenta Poyeti Valalo.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 13.00 MB
Repalle Vaadalona.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 18.58 MB
Saddalu Pande Mummiri.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 4.28 MB
V6 Bathukamma Song.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 4.02 MB
vaana devudu 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.76 MB
Vaana Devudu 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.50 MB
Yellamma 1.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.85 MB
Yellamma 2.mp3
DOWNLOAD|size: 27.83 MB
Laxmi narasimha2 (
DOWNLOAD|size: 9.17 MB
Laxmi narasimha1 (
DOWNLOAD|size: 9.17 MB
Vemulavaada2 (
DOWNLOAD|size: 8.91 MB
Vemulavada1 (
DOWNLOAD|size: 8.77 MB
sammakka sarakka2 (
DOWNLOAD|size: 11.97 MB

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  1. The Sate Festival of Telgana State is bathukamma. The government announced 10 crores for the arrangements of this festival.